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Don't Get Lazy While Working From Home

Majority of non-essential employees are working from their homes due to COVID-19. For almost everyone this is an adjustment. We are used to getting up everyday and working in an office space. During times like this our home is our temporary office space. Working from home may be a bit too comfortable for a few of us. Deciding if you should work from the couch, bed or dining room is a big decision nowadays.

Here are a few tips to prevent you from being lazy:

Get up and get dressed everyday

Even though you think working in your pajamas is a good idea… its not. It allows you to feel comfortable and eventually fall asleep while working. Taking a shower and getting ready for the day can change your energy.

Take A Lunch Break

Just like a regular day in the office, take a lunch break. Take some time to breathe and destress from the first load of your daily work. Remember food and a break fuel the brain.

Attend All Meetings

Though we are at home and have the freedom to do anything. Make sure you show up to all video and phone conference calls. This is a good way to let your employer know that even though you are not in the office , you are still working hard and staying on track.


Working from home allows you to do your full-time job work and dabble in a few things on the side. For example, if you are trying to start a new business, this is the time to get the logistics together. This will keep you busy when your workflow isn’t heavy. You control your day and your daily activities, so take action on your new business venture NOW.

End Of Day Destress

Once your full work day is done, break free but not too much. Get back into your comfy pajamas and make a schedule for tomorrow. You’ve been up all day working hard so now is the time to get comfortable and ready for the next day.

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