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What To Do If You Are Laid Off Right Now

The coronavirus has left a big impact on the working world. According to NBC New York, on Thursday, the U.S. government reported weekly first-time unemployment claims of 3.28 million, almost triple what Wall Street expected -- and an all-time record nearly five times the previous peak in the early 1980s. Though this is a hard time and you may feel down don’t let this get to you. Trying to do activities that will benefit you in the long run is the best thing to do.

Here are a few things to do while you are laid off:

Apply for Unemployment

There is a $2 trillion dollar bill that was enacted on Friday. This will cover people two different people who are unable to work due to COVID-19. The first is Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, which covers people who are unable to work because of the coronavirus outbreak — that includes independent contractors, gig workers, sick people and those caring for a loved one during the outbreak. The second is an extra $600 per week over the next four months for those who are out of work and getting jobless benefits in their state according to NBC Universal.

Find Remote Work

There are a number of remote jobs open now that employees are working from home. Though it may not be the same as working in an office, remote work may be best right now.

Start Something New

Have you always wanted to create your own business? Well now is the time to brainstorm and take those big steps. This business venture may benefit you way better than a regular 9-5 job.

Get Your Finances Straight

Now that you are unemployed you want to make sure that you will be stable. Plan to meet with a financial planner or someone knowledgable in finance, so they can help you figure out if you will be secure within the next few months. This will help you create a budget and timeline.

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