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Inner Explorer School Mindfulness Program Now Available in Free App With Support from LG and The All

With the COVID-19 pandemic it has been stressful for families to stay positive.

Children are missing school, parents are trying to adjust to working from home and people are being laid off. Inner Explorer with support from LG Electronics U.S.A and The Allstate Foundation created a Free Mindfulness app to help all families. According to Inner Explorer, the app reduces stress, boost immune systems, improves learning and fosters resiliency. This app is a perfect example of what families need to stay happy and stress-free during this time.

Inner Explorer Co-Founder Laura Bakosh, Ph.D,, said, “In just 10 minutes a day, kids can listen to the mindfulness practices through this app, and feel calmer, less stressed, more focused, and ready to engage in learning. We are grateful that families across the U.S. will now have access to tools at home that will help them cope with the uncertainties of this truly unprecedented time.”

The Inner Explorer app is apart of a nationwide initiative called Experience Happiness. The program focuses on mindfulness, human connection, gratitude, positive outlook, purpose and generosity. Since 2017, the Experience Happiness program, led by LG Electronics USA, has taught the six sustainable happiness skills to more than 3 million teens across the United States.

“The Allstate Foundation believes cultivating skills like resiliency, empathy and teamwork are crucial to a student’s future success,” said Laura Freveletti, senior program officer for The Allstate Foundation. “While these are important skills for all children and youth, during times of conflict and crisis, these skills are especially critical. This app is a timely resource for families to adopt these skills together.”

Families can sign up for the Inner Explorer app for free and learn more about what their family needs to be stress-free here.

About Inner Explorer

Inner Explorer was developed in 2011 by mindful awareness teachers with more than 30 years of combined experience. Understanding the difficulty in developing a daily practice, Inner Explorer created a technology platform, delivering audio-guided practices to teachers and students, giving them the opportunity to practice together, reducing stress, improving academic performance and enhancing the school climate. This unprecedented offering simplifies the implementation of mindfulness in the classroom and supports the national initiative called 2-Generation Approach by bridging the classroom and home. Especially now – Inner Explorer encourages families to join in daily practices with their children, extending the wellbeing benefits into the community.

About Experience Happiness

Aiming to enrich the lives of 5.5 million youth in the United States over five years, LG Electronics USA launched a unique initiative called “Life’s Good: Experience Happiness.” Happiness skills can be learned, according to the Greater Good Science Center at University of California Berkeley, which has identified six skills that sustain one’s ability to recognize that, even when times are tough, life’s good: mindfulness, human connection, positive outlook, purpose, generosity and gratitude. LG’s award-winning science-based platform is designed to engage leading non-profit partners including Inner Explorer, Project Happiness and the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning that help equip American youth with skills for sustainable happiness. Key media partners include Discovery Education.

About The Allstate Foundation

The Allstate Foundation is an independent charitable organization made possible by subsidiaries of The Allstate Corporation. The Allstate Foundation works to create more prosperous communities where people are inspired and empowered to fulfill their hopes and dreams by inspiring the next generation of leaders, breaking the cycle of domestic violence, strengthening nonprofit leadership and honoring Allstate volunteers. For updates on The Allstate Foundation’s initiatives, follow The Allstate Foundation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More information on The Allstate Foundation is available at

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