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Philippines President Duterte Gives Police 'Shoot To Kill' Orders For Residents That Violate

The Philippines is currently under what may be labeled as an authoritarian rule by their president, Rodrigo Duterte. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic the Philippines main island, Luzon, has been under lockdown for approximately two weeks. Although lockdown is a common response amongst countries and their leadership to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus, residents protesting is not as common.

On Wednesday April 2, 2020 residents of Manila staged a protest to bring attention to the food shortage that they are experiencing. Twenty protestors were arrested for refusing to return to their homes.

After the protest President Duterte warned residents that police have orders to shoot and kill if lockdown orders are ignored again. Additionally, if residents are detained for violating lockdown orders, they will be responsible for finding their own food, the government will not assist them.

Duterte is known for being controversial, however, threats against citizens' lives is one of the more extreme measures taken by any country with a similar government structure.

Since Duterte’s threats there have been no reports of residents being shot by police for violating lockdown orders.

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