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Joel Osteen Will Host A Star- Studded Virtual Easter Service With Tyler Perry, Mariah Carey and Kany

This Easter will not be the same. For those of us that brought Easter outfits and thought it was a waste. Well, think again. You might be able to wear it during Joel Osteen’s virtual Easter Sunday Service. The celebrity pastor announced that he will be hosting a virtual Easter Sunday service with some big names. He mentioned Kanye West, Mariah Carey, and Tyler Perry are set to make a virtual appearance.

According to Fox Business, Osteen said, “I had known Mariah from years past and … they actually contacted us because she wanted to show some support and honor to the first responders,” Osteen told TMZ in a video interview aired Wednesday morning. “She wanted to share a song and put some video footage of the first responders, just to do her part to bring hope and uplift the nation.”

In regards to Kanye West, Osteen isn’t sure what he has planned for the day. We do know that his Sunday Service choir will be prating social distancing. Osteen told Fox business, “Kanye’s one of a kind,” “He just talked about wanting to partner with us on Easter and to, again, to bring hope and inspiration to people, especially when people are down and afraid, so I think this is a good time to lift people up.”

This service will be streamed on many platforms, see below.

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