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Broadway Is Rumored To Reopen In June

Lovers of the dramatic arts and theater, Broadway may reopen at a later date than what many people have expected.

It was speculated that “non-essential” businesses would reopen their doors by June 7. Like many businesses that have shut down in accordance with the city and state protocols for dealing with coronavirus, Broadway had a predicted date for when they would return to operations. That date originally was April 13.

Based on directives from the CDC and Governor Cuomo, the date for Broadway to be reopened was changed to June 7, according to The Broadway League’s press release.

During Cuomo’s daily briefing yesterday, April 8, he rejected the idea altogether that “non-essential” businesses would reopen for operation so soon. Cuomo suggested that the public not use Broadway’s prediction as a way of measuring when it or any other business will reopen.

With so many unknowns about COVID-19, health businesses have better models and predictions for when businesses in New York, and across the nation, can expect.

Many people responding to the news on Twitter were not surprised, however, some expressed different concerns with the closure; difficulty receiving refunds from tour groups for tours that will not be completed due to the COVID-19 pandemic closures.

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