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SNL Is Returning This Weekend

Get ready to hear “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” once again. But be prepared for a different kind of show.

Like many shows that were in production at the start of the year NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) had to shut down production in the interest of health safety for the cast, crew and audience members.

The last live show was March 7 and the next live show can be expected as soon as this weekend.

The SNL’s tweet yesterday confirmed that the show is returning this Saturday. Cast members will be doing a televised episode from their individual locations in interest of practicing social distancing.

Twitter users and fans of the show took to the comments to voice their opinions. While some people are just grateful for receiving new material, others declared they are not excited for the virtual episode titled 'SNL At Home’.

SNL is one of many shows whose production has been affected by COVID-19 and the city-wide lockdown that accompanied it. Like other shows affected SNL is trying a virtual model to keep viewers entertained. But will it go over well with the viewers?

Let us know whether or not you plan on tuning in to ‘SNL At Home’.

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