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Rihanna Puts Fans In Check During Instagram Live

Yesterday, Rihanna and her brand Fenty held an Instagram Live for fans. The 32-year old artist and entrepreneur was having fun, dancing and living in the moment until fans started questioning her.

According to Page Six, Rihanna got fed up and said, “If one of y’all motherf–kers ask me about the album one more time when I’m tryna save the world, unlike y’all president….on sight!’.

Fans have been asking Rihanna for an album since ANTI came out back in 2016. Since 2016, Rihanna has been featured on songs but hasn’t dropped any of her own. We were told that R9, was going to drop and we are still waiting.

Rihanna let her fans know that she has better things to do than worry about music right now. RiRi has her own makeup brand and has helped a number of people throughout the world through her donations. She recently joined forced with Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, to address the inflation of domestic violence cases in Los Angeles since the coronavirus lockdown. Together they will donate $4.2 million, which will provide “provide 10 weeks of support including shelter, meals, and counseling for individuals and their children suffering from domestic violence at a time when shelters are full and incidents are on the rise,” according to the press release.

Rihanna may not be releasing music but sure is making a big impact in the world.

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