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Chrissy Teigen Sparks A Conversation On What People Don't Want To See On Reality TV Shows After

Chrissy Teigen started yet another conversation yesterday when she tweeted that she does not want to relive this pandemic via reality shows that have been filming their future season during the pandemic and will air after it is over.

Twitter users took to the comments of Teigen’s post and many people seem to agree with her and even have some suggestions.

But could Teigen’s fears become television's new reality?

Viewers can already see how reality shows have been affected by COVID-19 in their current season as the scenery for confessionals have changed to cast members' homes.

In the interest of public safety and state order, networks had to stop the production of their shows. Some are making up for the lost time by delaying the release of new episodes, thus delaying the ending of their current season.

Other television shows such as live talk shows, and news programs have migrated to a virtual platform. For some of these shows, the goal of satisfying their fans have been met. While other shows and programs that have switched to the virtual platform have failed to meet viewer expectations.

Do you share Chrissy Teigen’s fears? Let us know in the comments below.

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