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Drive Through Testing Centers Forced To Shut Down In NYC Yesterday

Photo by Jaron Nix on Unsplash

For all New Yorkers life in the pandemic grows scarier by the day.

Glimmers of hope are given to the people of New York and the world. The announcements of potential cures going into testing, volunteer health professionals that are migrating to help the fight against COVID-19, or more information and testing becoming available to disadvantaged communities all provide that hope. Yet the fight against coronavirus seems long from over.

The closures of several testing facilities in New York certainly did not suggest a brighter future.

Yesterday, Monday April 13, 2020, multiple testing facilities across Long Island and Brooklyn were forced to close because of the harsh weather and high winds the city of New York experienced.

The closure of these facilities came after the death toll in New York State reached and passed 10,000. The closures also forced hundreds of people to have to reschedule or cancel their appointments.

Some of the faculties that closed were located in communities of color; alarming as studies show that communities of color are considered to be more vulnerable to contract COVID-19.

The testing faculties are believed to have reopened. But the effect of the closures of the testing centers has yet to be seen.

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