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Better Business Bureau Warns Graduates About Posting Photos On Social Media

We know that the #Classof2020 is excited to graduate even though there will be less physical graduations this year. Like always, graduates will flock to social media to post their senior pictures. Well, the Better Business Bureau is encouraging you to refrain from posting these pictures.

The BBB said, "scammers or hackers who surf through social media sites will see these #ClassOf2020 posts, and will now have the name of your high school and graduation year, which are common online security questions."

Right now, scammers have plenty of time to surf the web and find plenty of information. The Better Business Bureau encourages everyone to make sure their security settings are up to par. You may think that your post are just for your friends but your information is everywhere.

The BBB urges consumers to follow these tips to stay safe on social media:

  • Resist the temptation to play along. While it’s fun to see other’s posts, if you are uncomfortable participating, it is best to not do it.

  • Review your security settings. Check your security settings on all social media platforms to see what you are sharing and with whom you are sharing.

  • Change security questions/settings. If you are nervous about something you shared possibly opening you up to fraud, review and change your security settings for banking and other websites.

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