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Quarantine Radio: An Opportunity For All But Will This Be The Last Show

Tory Lanez is a known 27-year-old Canadian rapper and singer who has discovered a different way of making a name for himself. The entertainer found a way to keep himself and his fans entertained with a new series of Instagram live stream videos that he has named “Quarantine Radio ''.

After a dispute with Instagram regarding his live streams involving women that participated in a twerk off coming on camera dressed in a level of partial or extreme nudity that violated Instagram's community guidelines, Lanez’s Instagram was blocked from doing live streams.

After cutting through the red tape Lanez went from being blocked to being granted permission again after he spoke with higher ups at Instagram to determine and resolve the issue.

Since that hick-up Tory Lanez turned “Quarantine Radio” into an opportunity for himself and the shows’ guest, that oftentimes is profitable.

Since the resolution of his dispute with Instagram “Quarantine Radio” has evolved to and has three main challenges. Staying true to its origin the first of the challenges and arguably the most popular is ‘The Twerk-A-Thon’ (#TheTwerkAThon).

The New Toronto 3 Challenge (#TheNewToronto3Challenge) where chosen guests are quizzed on song lyrics and titles from his latest project, Toronto 3, that was released last Friday April 10. Toronto 3 was Lanez’s last project with the label Interscope Records.

Lastly, ‘The Wow Challenge’ where people with any kind of talent are invited on to show off their skills.

On Tuesday April 14 a musician by the name of Miles (@milesmusic_) joined the ‘The Wow Challenge’ (#TheWowChallenge) and sang the Michael Jackson hit ‘Dirty Diana’. Not only did Miles receive a great reaction from Lanez and people commenting on the live video but music mogul Timbaland chimed in only moments after Miles’ performance began.

During Miles’ performance Timbaland commented on Lanez’s Instagram live saying “Toryyyyyy he got something”. Timbaland later started following the musician.

Ne-Yo, Lala Anthony, Justin Combs, and Kai Cash are among some of the celebrities that are currently following him in addition to an overall increase in followers for the Brooklyn musician.

It is not clear if any celebrities were following Miles prior to being featured on Quarantine Radio.

Lanez also teamed up with retail giant ‘Pretty Little Thing’ to give away 25,000 dollars to the winner of ‘The Twerk-A-Thon’. The winner will be announced tonight, April 16. This show is the last show for “Quarantine Radio” until April 30 pending government confirmation of another month of quarantine, according to a post on Lanez’s Instagram account.

Personal gains for Lanez include an increase of Instagram followers totaling approximately 2 million. A gain that may benefit his new career as an independent artist.

Regardless of the difference of opinions regarding content, Quarantine Radio definitely gets an audience.

Would you want to see more of Quarantine Radio when quarantine is over?

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