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Jennifer Lopez and Alexander Rodriguez Expected To Bid On NY Mets

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are taking steps to buy the New York Mets.

News broke yesterday, in a Variety article, about the celebrity couple - currently still in their engagement period – retaining JPMorgan bank to raise funds for the bid.

Rodriguez played for Major League Baseball (MLB) for 22 league seasons until his retirement in 2016. Rodriguez played for the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers and New York Yankees- in that order.

So, some may wonder, why are Rodriguez and Lopez trying to purchase the New York Mets versus the other 30 teams in the league, including the ones that Rodriguez once played for?

Some fans of the celebrity couple are intrigued and excited by the steps that are being taken and took to Twitter share their excitement and proposals:

Another point that is raised by the celebrity couple attempting to purchase, is that upon their success, there will be one more minority-owned MLB team. One small step for Rodriguez and Lopez, one major step to bridging the ownership gap amongst MLB sports teams.

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