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Are Instagram And Facebook Working On An Option To Simulcast Live Streams?

During this quarantine, live videos across multiple social media platforms have been the thing-to-watch. Especially with the live battles with legendary musicians, interviews, at-home concerts and a whole lot more taking place on the social media platform, Instagram.

Things might get a little bit more interesting, as it is rumored that Instagram is working on adding a new feature that allows users to simulcast their live streams to their parent company, Facebook.

Facebook bought Instagram for approximately $1 billion in 2012. Since then, there have been several mergers between the two platforms. Some of those mergers include a mandate that there must be a Facebook page that is associated with your ‘business’ Instagram account and sharing Instagram stories to Facebook.

Although this option is not currently available, it does have potential to change things, yet again, in the world of social media. It will allow an increased number of people to participate socially during this time of social distancing.

Simulcasting lives are only one of the rumors surrounding Instagram development. Another rumor is that Instagram may be introducing their ‘pin’ option for post.

The rumors have been neither confirmed nor denied by Instagram. But is Simulcasting live streams something you would like to see come to fruition?

Below is the tweet that started the conversation.

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