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Francisco Burgos Talks New EP, Growing Up In The TV Industry and More

We spoke with New York native Francisco Burgos about growing up in the movie and TV industry, starting his music career, and his hometown the Bronx.

What was it like growing up in the movie and TV industry?

FB: It was real different because I had to get used to always having to leave school for like little auditions and acting jobs that I had. You know there would times when I only went to school for half the day and I’d have to leave. I really sacrificed a lot in my academics because you know that played a huge role. I was always on set for something whether it was a tv show or movie. But it was a good experience on my behalf, I mean it was fun, I was about five years old on set. That not something usually five year olds do but it was a cool experience, I loved it. If I could chose to do it again, yeah I would, it was a real fun experience.

What was your first acting gig?

FB: The first thing I booked when I was 5 was a TV show with the "Sopranos." That was the first thing I ever booked so from there on I was booked. I was doing that, I was doing Sesame Street as well, PBS Kids, all those little TV kid shows.

Where did you grow up?

FB: So you grew up in the Bronx. Born and raised on Kingsbridge Road, right by Fordham Road. I been living there ever since you know, I was born and my mom started living there. I don’t know when, I think maybe when she was eighteen or something and she had me while over there. I lived there for about 16 years of my life.

Has the Bronx influenced you?

FB: As far as music goes I can say yeah, it kind of had an impact. It made me become more diligent and you know word savy when it comes to my music. Because you know the Bronx, you know, has the edge and edginess to it, I guess you could say 'Swagginess' to it. So, that's something that I have definitely incorporated because of the Bronx. I owe it all to the Bronx for the swag that I have and put into my music.

What was it like being apart of the last season of POWER?

FB: That was amazing. You know I was just happy, that was like the first thing I booked as a teenager actor. I was like 17, so I had taken a break from acting for a while when I got back into it. That was the first thing I did, a booking with Power. The premiere episode, I got to grace the screen with Joseph Sikora who plays Tommy. That was an amazing experience, you know being able to play and act alongside him was a whole different experience because he’s like my favorite character on that TV show. It also gave me a brighter range and a bigger audience to showcase my talents to. It definitely gave me that awareness that people needed to see from a young kid who’s trying to keep pursing his acting dreams.

Do you have a favorite gig or one that has impacted you the most?

FB: One that has impacted me the most, I probably would have to say was when I was seven years old, I had my first breakthrough lead role in a show called 'Explicit I'lls". I played alongside Rosario Dawson, she played my mother. In that film it impacted me in a way because I had asthma in the movie and I dealt with a lot of complications. And Rosario who played my mother, we were in a core state. There were some problems going on and the movie was based on love, drugs, and poverty in Philadelphia. It looked like things that people really go through and just all of that stuff gave me an awareness like yeah, things are tough around the world. You know, like people really go through it and it made me appreciate what you have in life and be very grateful.

Is there a TV show or movie that you would like to be a part of?

FB: I never got a chance to play a superhero. Whether its through Marvel, whether it’s just a movie of someone who has a significant superhero trait, I would love to do it. I don’t care what it is that's a real fun experience. I mean, I got to do special effects for my last film "The Shed". Which I had to wear fake contacts, fake teeth before but now I would actually like to get in to green screen and like just doing some wavy dope stuff here you know I could reach out from the sky. Put action into it! So, definitely want to do a superhero action film.

Is there a story behind your single "Pretty Little Thing"?

FB: Pretty Little Thing, it was a fun song that I made. I was reaching more towards my female fanbase for my ladies who listen to me. It was a fun experience that would keep people up and active. I like to imply a lot of great melodies. Quotable lyrics that people can have and can throw on at a party or function.That was my whole purpose for making that song.

How did you get into music?

FB: I've always had a love for music since I was young, you know, I feel like acting, music was incorporated in me since real young, you know, it was just a gateway in an art form for me to just be myself and just like create and do different things. But I’ve been acting since I was younger, but music was always there. I always loved Young Money. Young Money was my group and they came up around the time I was growing up. They had Drake, who I can say right is my favorite artist, they had Wayne, Tyga, they had everyone. At that point I would love doing covers for songs. So, I would always catch myself doing rap covers and stuff. I wanted to be signed at a young age to be on YouTube. I think my name was ‘Young Swagger’ or something.

I really was invested in it. I’d be in like middle school and stuff and I'd be rapping with my friends in the lunchroom. I never took it real serious until the age of probably 16. That’s when I had dropped like two songs on Soundcloud and they did a little bit of numbers, nothing too crazy. And I had a whole different sound and I had to stop doing the music cause I got right back into the acting. I had fell off a little bit and put the music to the side. Then my friend told me, “you should get back into the music”, and I was just thinking about it. I was like “yeah, maybe it will be something I do” and then I ended up going through some things in life and you know hence the reason why I am making this heartbreak EP. I decided let me go to the studio and put my feelings out there rather than just keeping them inside and feeling down. Let me release it and make music that people can relate to. The real, raw quality music so thats how everything came about and I’m taking it more serious then I’ll ever now that I’m 20-years old.

What's coming up next?

FB: Yeah, I have a new song that I have dropping and I don't know the exact date yet because I'm still trying to get everything figured out with my distributor and all that stuff cause you know when it comes to legal things all that stuff has to get situated first. It will be dropping in a couple of week, I know that for sure. I definitely do have a EP coming out, you know, this quarantine and pandemic we're in kind of like slowed everything up because I had some stuff to do. Like do my cover art for the EP but I do have that in the works as well, I have the songs recorded and I’m still recording till this day. It's going to be a heartbreak album, which a lot of people can di into and relate to. It will have a lot of quotable songs, quotable lyrics, it something that can hit home for anybody who wants to listen to it and be in their bag.

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