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Quarantine Beauty: Skin, Hair, And Nail Tips

Make Up Lovers and Nail Connoisseurs.

We know you are all staying beat and somehow keeping your nails looking sharp during these times when we are forced to quarantine. Many people keep up the makeup and nail routine to retain a sense of normality, but by doing so are you fully taking advantage of the time most of us now have?

While many people are retaining that sense of normality while continuing their beauty routines; doing our makeup, hair and nails, maybe it’s time to look into how to make your skin, nails, and hair healthy again.

Hair is probably the easiest of the three to tackle. Some of the best things to do for your hair is stop adding heat and start a treatment routine that you can stick to. Styling your hair, using heat, is oftentimes the easiest way to get your desired look but it is also what causes the most damage to your hair. Since time is now on our hands, use that time to research and practice some heatless ways of styling your hair. You will undoubtedly be setting yourself on the track to healthy hair.

Many people have learned how to do at home manicures while some have bought press on nails from nail businesses or their local drug store. But to maximize nail health, why not try treating your nails with a strengthening formula. Acrylic nails can leave the nails weak and brittle and a strengthening formula can help rebuild nail strength.

Makeup often makes the person wearing it feel empowered. But for many, when the makeup comes off, the bad skin starts to show. Good news is it doesn’t have to be like that. Get started on a simple yet effective make-up routine. To keep the skin healthy, stick to a morning and evening cleansing routine.

Share your quarantine beauty regimen and help us all reach our maximum skin, hair and nail health.

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