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RunitupTahj: Get To Know The Rapper Behind The #HitYoGrooveChallenge

After starting his career, a year ago, the 19-year-old “Hit Yo Groove” rapper, RunitupTahj, came into 2020 with a bang! The release of his 2019 single, “Hit Yo Groove”, put him on the map. However, the song became a dance challenge on TikTok and went viral in 2020.

In the midst of his success, we caught up with RunitupTahj to discuss his music, his journey and we even got a little personal! Check it out:

What made you enter the rap game?

Originally, I made one or two songs when I was 16 and then I stopped rapping. What made me start rapping again, at 18, was the loss of my cousin. I made a song dedicated to him called “Words from Tahj” and it got a positive response.

What went through your head the moment you realized “Hit Yo Groove” went viral?

The moment I realized it went viral is when Bronnie James (LeBron James) did it. He was one of the first big celebrities to do it. People kept tagging me [on the post] and I saw the video of him doing it and I was like “Dang! This is crazy. This Is LeBron James”. It was a surreal feeling, it’s still surreal right now.

Did the success of “Hit Yo Groove” open any doors for you?

It has opened a lot of doors but I ain’t gonna specifically speak on the doors that it opened up.

How did you get the name ‘RunitupTahj’?

When I was younger, my brother used to always tell me “run it up”, like run that checkup. He got locked up and then I decided to change my Instagram name to ‘RunitupTahj’. It was just an Instagram name at first and once I started doing music, I decided it was gonna be my name.

Do you see yourself remaining an independent artist?

I probably would stay independent for a little longer, unless a label comes [a long] that I know has my best interest [in mind]. For now, I’m gonna just stay independent.

What would you say is next for you?

A lot of visuals and new music. I’m a real artist, I’m not just a dance artist. So, it’s gonna be all types of music, that everybody is gonna be able to relate to.

Can we expect any new music from you this summer?

Yes, of course and I’m dropping a single within a couple of weeks.

You’re a student at Virginia State University, do you plan on finishing your education despite your recent success?

Yes, I’ve decided I am gonna get my degree. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to finish my last two years at Virginia State [University]. It depends on how everything is looking after we get released from lockdown (quarantine). Even if I do have to leave Virginia State [University] I’m still gonna do online classes.

What are you studying?

Psychology. I wanna be a therapist. When I get rich with music, I’m probably gonna open a therapy firm of some sort or invest my money in therapy somehow.

What drove you to the passion of therapy?

When I was younger people always expressed their problems to me and I always gave good feedback. I’m always the open-ear type of friend. For a career job, I can’t see myself doing one specific thing every day. Being a therapist, you’re gonna encounter a lot of different stories that will keep your mind racing.

Who is a part of your support system and how have they played a part in your career thus far?

Virginia State [University] is probably my number one support system, besides family. I already did music before “Hit Yo Groove” and they were supporting hard for that.

What artist would you want to collaborate with?

NBA YoungBoy - that’s my favorite artist - Drake and Summer Walker.


  • When’s your birthday?

June 28, 2000

  • What’s your zodiac sign?


  • Are you single?

Yes, I’m single.

  • What do you look for in a relationship?

A girl that doesn’t need anybody for anything. I’m gonna try my best to spoil her but I need somebody that’s a boss, self-driven, and has goals in life.

  • What do you have to offer in a relationship?

In my eyes I’m 100% different. There’s nobody else like me. I’m gonna keep you going and keep you motivated.

  • What’s your favorite thing to do to pass time?

Write music and play games: Madden, Call of Duty and Fortnite.

  • What’s your favorite color?

Baby blue

Message from RunitupTahj:

I love all my supporters, follow me on all social media platforms @RunitupTahj and just come join me on this journey. It’s only the beginning!

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