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Kelly Rowland Announces Deal With Roc Nation and New Album Dropping This Year

Grammy award winning artist, Kelly Rowland has just announced that she's made a deal with Roc Nation. Kelly told Associated Press in a recent interview, “It’s family and it just happened. It just really happened to work and it’s working out really well so far,” she mentioned. “My team, I have a great team. It’s not to say I didn’t have a great team before, I had a great team before. You evolve, you move on and that’s really it and Roc Nation is home now.”

Her new hit single, “Coffee”, she describes it as an “ode to the beauty of black women”, which is represented throughout the music video. She also included that she is excited about her upcoming album.

Rowland told AP, “I just wanted it to be an expression of black beauty and the different variations and tones and body shapes… I was really inspired by black women.”

Kelly is ready to release her fifth studio album with her new management deal with Roc Nation. Though the album is basically finished, her gut tells her that there is one more record to do according to AP.

You can expect Rowland’s album to drop this year, 2020.

Check out her new single, “Coffee” here:

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