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20,000 Georgia Residents Receive Their License Without Taking The Road Test

To all the Georgia residents that have been concerned about when you will be able take your road test to receive your driver license, your concern has been put to rest.

Georgia has given approximately twenty thousand Georgia residents their driver license without conducting the once mandatory road test. But this may not last for much longer.

Fox 5 Atlanta reports that an online petition has been started by 1st Stop Georgia Driving Academy instructor, Sarah Casto. The petition has received over 1,300 signatures out of the intended 1,500. The petition reads:

“This petition is being submitted in hopes that Governor Kemp will reverse his decision to allow individuals to obtain their driver's license without taking the driver's test. We understand that this is supposed to be temporary, but the ramifications from even a few weeks of unskilled drivers getting their license can be catastrophic.”

Casto expressed her concerns for the thousands of adults and teens that have been given their license without the road test. Especially because in her experience many people take the road test without adequate practice or taking driving lessons.

Although there is no road test, there are other requirements that drivers are expected to meet such as 40 hours of supervised driving which must be signed-off by the parents of teens. It is not clear who should sign off on the 40-hour requirement for adults.

The petition was started shortly after Georgia officially lifted lockdown and stay-at-home orders, approximately a week ago.

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