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Naomi Campbell Shot Her Own Photos For Essence’ 50th Anniversary Issue

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on a lot of industries. Conversations continue about how and if the entertainment industry in particular and the world of Hollywood will survive these overwhelming times.

However, many companies in the entertainment industry have shown that although they have to comply with the changes that have been taking place, they will keep their businesses running by any means necessary. Those means have included shutting down production, producing contents with cast members through a virtual platform and now includes home photo shoots for the cover of magazines.

Naomi Campbell tweeted that she styled and conducted her own photo shoot for her cover of Essence. This Essence issue was particularly important as it is the issue for their 50th anniversary. Campbell will also be turning 50 this year, what a way to celebrate!

The “At Home With Naomi Campbell” cover story by Lola Ogunnaike states that the success of Campbell and the magazine has been entwined. The correlation of success between Campbell and Essence began shortly after Naomi took the modeling world by storm over thirty years-ago.

The nature of Campbell's photo shoot for the cover of Essence is one of many examples of what many believe will be the new normal until COVID-19 is eradicated.

Needless to say, Campbell’s cover photo and other photos from the shoot were a testament to her hard work, according to fans that commented on her tweet.

The photoshoot also revealed just how professional an iPhone picture can look!

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