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Trump Confirms COVID-19 Task Force Will Continue Indefinitely

President Trump confirms that the COVID-19 task force will be continuing indefinitely and Shuts down rumors saying otherwise to rest.

On Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence confirmed reports suggesting that the task force dedicated to battle COVID-19 would be altered. Although reports suggested the tasked force would be phased out, Pence stated the changes to take place include the task force shifting their focus.

The task force began in March and consists of health professionals and senior government officials. They are an essential part in the decision process of all things related to COVID-19. The task force consists of Anthony Fauci and Deborah Brix, two members of the task force that have been seen most in the media during this crisis.

In comments made on Wednesday, Trump confirmed Pence’s statements of the task force shifting their focus and added that the focus will be shifted towards curating a vaccine for the coronavirus.

Trump continued by suggesting the longevity of the task force is indefinite although the membership may change as the COVID-19 Pandemic evolves.

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