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Trump Leaves Press Conference After Exchange With Reporters

President Trump has once again showed his true colors. He held a press conference today to discuss COVID-19 at the White House. An Asian-American reporter asked President Trump “Why is everything a competition when American's are losing their life and we’re all still seeing more cases everyday?”

He then responded with “Well they're losing their lives everywhere in the world” then proceeds to say “Maybe thats a question for China. Don't me, ask China."

The reporter seemed to be a bit confused and her facial expression showed it. Honestly, it was disrespectful and uncalled for. He then skipped her remarks and went to the next journalist. When the next journalist spoke he cut her off and she was also confused. This reporter was the official White House Corespondent.

President Trump is known for being disrespectful to the media but this was unacceptable. I wonder what the next press confrence will be like.

Watch the exchange here:

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