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Tyler Perry Studios Will Start Production For Shows In July

Hollywood may still be struggling to get back into production but many businesses in Atlanta are up and running thanks to the lockdown being lifted, including Tyler Perry Studios.

Tyler Perry Studios has announced that it will begin filming “Sistas” and “The Oval” in July. Each show will be filming 22 episodes over two and a half weeks.

The shows, airing on BETs network, will not be filming simultaneously. “Sistas” will begin filming July 8 and “The Oval” will begin filming on July 28.

Perry is taking extra precautions to keep everyone involved in filming safe. Crew and cast members that are not based in Atlanta will be flown in on Perry’s personal private jet. Additionally, crew and cast members will be tested four times during the production period.

Two of the tests will occur prior to the cast and crew members boarding their flight to Atlanta and immediately after arriving at the studio. Crew and cast members will receive their results at the studio and can only begin working once they are cleared by the onsite consultant, Carlos Del Rio. Del Rio is a professor at Georgia’s Emory Vaccine Center.

Hollywood continues to suffer from the COVID-19 pandemic and many people continue to wonder if it will be possible for things to go back to normal for the television and film industry. Many states have begun lifting and altering their lockdown orders; however, plans to start production have not been announced by larger production companies, until now.

Will Tyler Perry's process for keeping crew and cast members safe become the new normal for production studios throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?

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