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New At-Home Saliva Test For COVID-19 Has Been FDA Approved

The Food and Drug Administration has approved an at home COVID-19 test that only requires your saliva named RUCDR Infinite Biologics. This test is a partnership between a Rutgers University lab, Spectrum Solutions and Accurate Diagnostic Labs.

The testing kit contains spit-tubes that come in a resealable package that has to be shipped back to the Rutgers lab. Rutgers currently has 75,000 tests ready to be distributed and has the capacity to test 20,000 kits a day. People can expect their test results after 48-hours.

Although this test may be more comfortable for patients, it is not more affordable. The test comes with varying fees. Medicare and Medicaid have a $100 fee per test and Vault Health charges $150 per test. Additionally, the test can only be ordered by a physician.

All other coronavirus tests require a sample to be collected via the nasal passage and are known to be highly uncomfortable. The results are accurate in most cases and the test is free at testing centers.

During the pandemic people of all cultural and economic backgrounds have been aiming to get tested for COVID-19.

This pandemic has brought a spotlight on the disadvantages and lack of access to resources for the disadvantaged and the lower socio-economic class. Government aid packages have attempted to make testing more available and celebrities and public figures have contributed by sponsoring drive-through testing centers throughout the nation.

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