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Disney World Will Likely Host NBA Games If The Season Resumes

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of many organizations trying to get back to their regularly scheduled programming amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NBA has adapted some of their annual events such as their draft to a virtual platform. NBA training facilities are open for voluntary use although, there are rules that players must abided by if they decide to use those facilities. In recent news the NBA conducted a poll asking players if they would return to play the rest of the season via text message – results were kept confidential.

Currently it is being reported that if the 2019 -2020 NBA season resumes it is likely that the games will be hosted in Disney World.

After The Athletic reported the news fans had a seemingly positive reaction, but fans shouldn’t get their hopes up too soon.

Although the NBA is hopeful that the season will return, last week NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced he is waiting two-to-four weeks before he makes a decision regarding the resumption or cancellation of the season.

Disney representatives are hopeful that they will be hosting NBA events at their Orlando location.

It is unclear if the public will be allowed to watch games in-person if the season resumes.

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