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Reo Cragun Talks New Music And His Journey

Many people are writing 2020 off because they are not able to continue with their lives but Reo Cragun is making the most of it between his new marriage and the release of new music.

Cragun has released two songs within two months and both are ‘alternative’ singles, a notable difference from the artists' recent genres of hip hop and r&b.

“Grown Men Don’t Cry”, released on April 3, is a song that articulates the inner battle Cragun faced along his journey as an artist and can be classified as a thought-provoking inner monologue.

His most recent single “Cuss You Out”, released May 1, is an upbeat party record that has passed 20,000 views on YouTube.

We caught up with Cragun to discuss his music and his journey.


Cragun began his career after the death of his grandmother and dropped out of school at Washington State University to do so. “Pretty much as soon as that happened my life had changed for sure” Cragun stated. Since beginning his career, approximately five years ago, Cragun has toured with Billie Ellish, Flume and Lil Yachty.

What motivated you to keep going this long, after five years?

I’m just trying to consecutively and consistently improve and get better. To be able to reach the goals that I’ve been setting for myself has been a real driving factor. Every time I make something, I’m proud. But I always say, ‘your best song is the one that you haven’t written yet’.

What is the biggest lesson or shock that you did not expect when you moved to LA to pursue your music career?

I don't come from a small town but I come from a smaller city. Coming to Los Angeles there’s a whole bunch of things you think you’re ready for but you’re just not. At the end of the day when I first moved it was like culture shock. However, I’m super happy and I would not have changed any of the moves I’ve made to this point.

What was it like to work with the late Nipsey Hussle on your single “Lost” (2017)?

Nip has always been a role model to me. Nip was one of the first people who recognized the work I was putting in. I met him in 2016 and being able to work with him and get a few songs done was amazing on its own. Also, being able to soak up some of the wisdom and the game he was giving me was wild. The most important lessons he taught me were the ones that he didn’t have to say. Being in the studio with him and watching how he moved around was the biggest learning experience.

More About Reo

Ethnicity: Black and White

Best Memory: Freedom (Before the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Bad/Funny Memory: When I was seven years old, I got swallowed up by the ocean and almost died. Then my mom saved me.

Advice To Your Younger Self: It’s not gonna be easy but keep going because it’s gonna be worth it. Things aren’t gonna be how you planned them to be but that’s ok because nothing really ever is.

Good Moment You Would Relive: The day we turned in the first album, Growing Pains.

Favorite Color: Blue

Birthday/Zodiac Sign: March 4. Pisces.

Favorite Song: Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

Top Artist to Collaborate With: Local Natives

Since the start of his career Cragun has made great accomplishments in what some may consider a short amount of time. His journey, although came with challenges, presented itself to be fruitful. “The journey was definitely not as expected but things turned out beautifully, if not more poetic” Cragun said. Additionally, fans can expect more longform projects to be released this year despite the pandemic.

Keep up with Reo Cragun via social media (@reocragun).

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