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NFL Owners Will Vote On Re-Up With EA Sports

NFL owners are expected to make the big decision to renew with EA sports soon. This means that the ‘Madden’ game will last until 2025, maybe even 2026. Seems like EA sports thought that Take-Two interact, who currently produces NBA 2K games would become a threat. Take-Two Interactive did create NFL 2K in the past which was compared to Madden. But EA Sports received the exclusive simulation rights in 2005.

The possible one-year extension within the proposal for EA depends on the company "achieving certain revenue goals." Take-Two Interactive could make a football video game at any point. Without having the NFL rights, however, folks couldn't use the likes of Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson or any other player, which does take a hugely attractive (and marketable) piece out of the equation According to CBS Sports.

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