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JK Rowling Announces Her New Stand-alone Fairy Tale

Do you love Harry Potter? Are you a fan of fairy tales? Well buckle your seatbelts because JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series has revealed her own stand-alone fairy tale. In other words, the new story will not be intertwined with the Potter world.

Rowling made the announcement earlier today via Twitter. In her 13-tweet long thread Rowling reveals that she wrote the fairy tale, “The Ickabog”, over 10 years-ago, however, other professional events led to the oversight of the release – until now.

Rowling announced “The Icabog’ will be released online for free on a new website that she will launch prior to the start of the release. The book will be published in increments of one to three chapters a day starting today, May 26 at 3:00 p.m. (no time zone given).

Rowling explained that she is releasing the book for free “so children on lockdown, or even those back at school during these strange, unsettling times, can read it or have it read to them.”

Many fairytale books have illustrations attached but Rowling is giving children the opportunity to illustrate the book for her. Although she will give suggestions for the illustration, children have complete creative freedom.

This is a competition and submissions should be entered via Twitter using the hashtag The Icabog (#TheIcabog). The competition is in anticipation for the November 2020 publishing of The Icabog in English print, eBook and audiobook forms. More details will be given on the rules of the competition and selection process on The Icabog website when it launches later today.

Rowling will also donate 100 percent of author royalties from the published versions of The Icabog to groups impacted by COVID-19.

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