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Minneapolis PD Under Fire For The Death Of George Floyd

Minneapolis police are under fire for the killing of a man while in their custody yesterday, Monday May 25, 2020. Floyd was being taken into custody after a grocery store called the cops because they believed he was signing bad checks.

The video of the arrest and killing of George Floyd went viral almost immediately after it was posted by bystander, Darnella Frazier. The horrific video starts off with Floyd, already in handcuffs, laying on the ground on his stomach with an officers’ knee on his neck.

The video in fact only shows two officers. Images, then surfaced showing that there were four officers involved, three of whom were kneeling on Floyd’s neck, back and legs.

The officers seen in the video are Tou Thao (seen standing) and Derek Chauvin (seen kneeling on Floyds’ neck). The public and activist, Shaun King are asking for the identities of the other two men.

In the video bystanders could be heard pleading with the officers to get off of Floyd’s neck and request they check Floyd’s pulse once he became alarmingly still. The officers, however, did not check to see if Floyd was still alive. An ambulance was later called to the scene and Floyd was placed on a stretcher. However, his fate seemed to be known by the people pleading with the police and the millions of viewers that bared to watch the video. Chauvin kept kneeling on Floyds’ neck until the ambulance showed up.

Now the public is demanding justice for Floyd, and they have received a small portion of it. Earlier today it was announced that all four police officers involved in Floyd’s killing have been fired.

The public is also demanding that the officers be arrested and prosecuted for their crime. The demand for prosecution may be met as it is now being reported that the FBI is involved in the investigation of the case and will be working with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (MBCA).

MBCA will be releasing the names of all the officers involved after initial interviews.

Sympathizers and outraged individuals are showing their support by using the hashtag #ICantBreathe, a phrase Floyd was heard saying in the full-length video. This incident resembles that of Eric Garner who was heard saying “I can’t breathe” prior to his death, caused by NYPD, in 2014.

The family of George Floyd is being represented by civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump.

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