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Los Angeles County Releases Guidelines For The Reopening Of Schools

Millions of students, families and education professionals may have to make another adjustment during this pandemic very soon, but this adjustment brings us closer to normal.

On Wednesday, Los Angeles County released a guideline pertaining to the reopening of schools. The guidelines paint an image that although children will be at school, school as they knew it in the past will no longer exist.

Students will be required to wear masks in a classroom that is approximately half the size of a normal classroom, containing only 16 children. Hallways will be monodirectional. For lunch, students will be required

to eat at their desk and will be given a single ball to play with by themselves.

The guidelines are a part of a framework that detail the monetary and physical changes that will have to be made to be able to safely reopen schools across LA County. However, superintendents across the country are not on board with the reopening of schools. Eleven superintendents gathered to write a letter that expressed their opinion of how impractical it would be for students to wear face coverings for the duration of a school day and to be kept six feet apart.

The guidelines are simply preparations for the reopening of schools. However, no date has been given to when or if LA County will reopen its schools.

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