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New York Businesses Can Deny Service To Customers That Refuse To Wear Masks

One of the most enforced regulations across the country to slow down the spread of COVID-19 has been to wear face coverings - that cover the nose and mouth – while in public.

This regulation has been enforced on a social level and by law enforcement. Now New York businesses can enforce the use of face coverings by customers at their leisure.

According to New York’s Gov. Cuomo, businesses now have the right to say “No mask, no service”.

Once a business reopens, they may deny customers who refuse to wear a mask, Cuomo announced in today’s COVID-19 briefing. Currently only essential businesses are allowed to be open in the state. This order comes as the daily death toll in New York drops to the lowest numbers since the height of the pandemic.

Cuomo enlisted the help of celebrities Chris Rock and Rosie Perez to help spread the message of wearing a mask and getting tested. Cuomo continued to emphasize that although the low death toll is an improvement, the virus is still present and citizens should still follow city and state orders.


Other states have been the home of fatal incidents regarding employees of businesses and customers who were not wearing proper facial coverings. In Michigan, Calvin Munerlyn, a security guard at a Family Dollar told a customer that her child needed to wear a mask according to state guidelines that required citizens to wear a mask when in public. Munerlyn was fatally shot by the customers husband and son. All three are being charged with first-degree premeditated murder.

In New York, the NYPD has been in the hot seat for the excessive force they’ve used to enforce the use of masks on communities of color. In fact the incident between 22-year-old mom, Kaleemah Rozier, and NYPD led to Mayor Bill de Blasio retracting the NYPD’s order to enforce people wearing masks in public.

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