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The Response To The Daytime Lynching Of George Floyd By The Public and Government Officials

On Monday, a video went viral of the fatal arrest of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. The video showed Floyd laying on the ground with three officers kneeling on his neck, chest, and legs until he became motionless, while one officer blocked bystanders from coming too close to Floyd’s aid. Since the video was uploaded by bystander, Darnella Frazier, it has sparked an uproar from people of all walks of life.

The public demands justice be served, and it has been served only in part; with the firing of all four officers, Derek Chauvin (seen kneeling on Floyd’s neck), Tou Thao (seen standing), Thomas Lane and J Alexander Kueng.

Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) is still facing repercussions from the heartless act caused by their former officers. One is a major cut in funding that comes with the University of Minnesota cutting all ties with MPD. The partnership between the University of Minnesota and MPD was a multimillion-dollar security contract for big events and concerts held on campus.

Protestors have also taken to the streets of Minnesota and Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) to demand that the former officers involved in the death of Floyd be charged. The mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, was also called for the arresting officer to be brought up on charges (it is not clear which officer he was referring to). However, the public is demanding that all four officers be held responsible and they are all equally guilty.

To ensure that their demand of justice to be served doesn't go unmet, protestors have been seen ransacking big businesses in Minneapolis such as Target, whose headquarter is located there. Businesses are also being set on fire during these protests. It is not clear which businesses have been damaged during these protests.

Protestors have also made an appearance at the home of one of the former officers involved in Floyd’s death where they were met with 75 officers in uniform and wearing gas masks guarding the former officers’ home.

It is not clear how many, if any, arrests were made during these protests.

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