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NYC Enters Phase One: Rules and Statistics You Need To Know To Stay Safe

If you live in the big apple or plan on traveling to NYC now that the lockdown is being lifted make sure you are up to date on the rules, regulations and risks that come with being able to roam freely once again.

There are still hotspots in NYC, areas of the city where infection rates are the highest, according to statistics given during Gov. Cuomo’s daily briefing on Monday. These neighborhoods are located in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens and are considered hotspots because the infection rate of New York City is approximately 19%.

- Bronx:

o Bathgate (51% infection rate)

o Bronx Park south (50% infection rate)

o Jerome Park (50% infection rate)

o Morrisania (43% infection rate)

o Highbridge (38% infection rate)

o Pelham Gardens (38% infection rate)

- Brooklyn:

o Flatbush (45% infection rate)

o Brownsville (41% infection rate)

o Williamsburg (40%infection rate

- Queens:

o Queens Village (45% infection rate)

If you are using public transportation or dining in public places there are rules you must follow:

- While using public transportation such as subway or buses passengers MUST wear face masks.

- As businesses begin to reopen, they do have the right to deny service to any customer that is not wearing a mask.

Although it is not clear if there will be any repercussions for individuals that do not follow these rules.

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