Rosemary Ketchum elected as West Virginia’s first openly transgender official


Rosemary Ketchum, 26,  has been elected as West Virginia’s first openly transgender official on Wednesday, June 10.


Ketchum was elected to the Wheeling City Council. Throughout her candidacy the main topics she addressed were affordable housing and opioid addiction.


“I don’t think we run for office to make history, we run for office to make a difference. And if history is made in the process then so be it.” Ketchum stated in a video posted to Instagram where she announced her win.



Ketchum continues to be met with supportive messages from social media users and the media.


Ketchum has a history of public service; her most current role is as the associate director for the National Alliance on Mental Illness affiliate in Greater Wheeling, NAMI. Ketchum has also served on the board of the American Civil Liberties Union in West Virginia.  



During any other year, June would be filled with celebrations for the LGBTQ community. Although 2020 has cancelled a lot of celebrations, 2020 has caused severe changes to be made across the nation and world - and this is one of them. Happy Pride!



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