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Tamagotchi, The Popular 90s Virtual Pet, Is Back

They say everything old becomes new again. We’ve seen it in fashion, in movies, and now we’re seeing it with pets, virtual pets to be exact.

The popular 90’s virtual pet, Tamagotchi, is back and will be released in North America this summer. Best part is that it comes with improvements.

The new Tamagotchi is called Tamagotchi On and was originally released in May 2019 according to a blog on the Tamagotchi website.

Additional features listed in the blog include more characters, device connectivity, daycare for your Tama and the ability to choose what your character does - yes, they can now leave the house.

Tamagotchi On’s going rate is $59.99 and can be pre-ordered on Target, Amazon, Walmart and GameStop websites.

The On series will be released July 26.

Tamagotchi On is giving Canada and U.S. residents a chance to win a free Tamagotchi On with a competition they are hosting via Instagram.

Tamagotchi made its first return to the North American market in 2018 and again in 2019, however the success of the Tamagotchi is uncertain as the parent company, Bandai America, would not share their sale figure with CNN Business.

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