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Beyonce and Jay Z Sued Over "Black Effect" Track

Beyonce and Jay-Z are being sued by Jamaican artist, Dr. Lenora Antoinette Stines. The couple used her voice in the beginning of their song “Black Effect” on their joint album “Everything is Love.”

Though Dr. Stines voice is heard on the song, the album is only credited to “The Carters.” The couple did not give credit to the Jamaican artist. According to CNN, Stines alleges that she was approached in Jamaica by the couple in March of 2018 to help obtain dancers for a video meant to promote their album and tour. Stines, who uses the title "Dr." in the lawsuit, said she supplied some dancers for the video and was also asked to speak about her thoughts on love in the video.

When Stines arrived to the video shoot they made her sign an agreement in order to participate. Stines then asked if she could take a photo of the agreement and send it to her son in Florida who is an attorney to make sure everything made sense. She was then told that she could not send a photo to anyone.

Once Stines expressed her thoughts on the video, they told her that the recording ”would only be used in the video, which was said to be for promotional purposes."

Dr. Stines is now suing the couple for copyright infringement, violation of her right to publicity, and more.

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