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NBA Players Can Wear ‘Smart’ Ring That Detects COVID-19 Symptoms

There has been some heavy debate as to whether or not the NBA season will resume. Progress has seemed to be made, since the NBA has reached an agreement with Disney to host the rest of their season at their Orlando, FL location. However, recently players have gone public, and even held private meetings to oppose the return of the season.

Although there is still uncertainty surrounding which players will actually return, the NBA is taking precautions to help keep their returning players safe.

The NBA is giving players the option to wear the Oura smart ring that they claim is capable of predicting COVID-19 symptoms with an accuracy of 90%. The ring measures body temperature, respiratory functions, sleeping patterns and heart rate.

Teams will have access to the data from players’ rings only if the player is in danger of contracting COVID-19. The University of Michigan will reportedly study and assess the data and players will also have full access to their own data.

The introduction of the Oura ring is just one of many steps the NBA is implementing to keep their staff and players safe. But some may wonder, if there are so many precautions that need to be taken, is resuming the season even worth the risk?

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