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Space Tourism Flights Will Take Place in Hydrogen Balloons

Space Perspective is the company that is currently tackling the space travel market. Flights into outer space will last approximately six hours and will only hold eight people at a time. Passengers, however, will be in the stratosphere for two hours.

The passenger cabin will be lifted by a hydrogen balloon and is said to go 30 miles high but passengers will not be boarding and deboarding at the same place. The passenger cabin will launch from the old Shuttle Landing Facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and land in the Atlantic Ocean, crew and passengers will return to shore on a recovery ship.

Eager space travelers shouldn’t get too excited just yet. The first passenger flight is expected to launch in three-and-a-half years. Preparations will include test flights with scientists as the passengers beginning in 2021 and piloted test flights.

Out of this world experiences don't come cheap. Company officials estimate the price of the flight to be no less than six figures. First approximations are at $125,000 per person.

The name of the vessel passengers are expected to ride in is called Spaceship Neptune and will be equipped with a bar and restroom.

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