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Florida's Rise In COVID-19 Cases Causes Concerns For the NBA

With COVID-19 cases rising in Florida, the NBA may not return. The Florida Department of Health reported a surge in COVID-19 cases on Monday. Florida has passed 100,000 confirmed COVID-19 infections. New cases have been trending up for more than a month, and in recent days the positive test rate has been roughly 12 percent.

NBA teams are scheduled to travel to Orlando starting July 7 in preparation for the resumption of the 2019-2020 season.

With the number of cases, the thought of Disney personnel traveling to and from work raises concerns. A Disney employee is most likely to contract the virus even though they are limiting face-to-face contact with players. All NBA players will follow health and safety protocols listed in the 113 page plan released by the NBA.

They will also be located inside of a “bubble” while at Disney. Each person will be quarantined alone in their hotel rooms for 36-48 hours until they pass two negative COVID-19 tests. Players will also be allowed to wear a ‘smart ring’, which predicts COVID-19 symptoms up to three days in advance.

NBA spokesman Mike Bass told ESPN that the league is “closely monitoring the data in Florida

and Orange County and will continue to work collaboratively with the National Basketball Players Association, public health officials, and medical experts regarding our plans.”

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