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The Detroit Lions Have A New Owner

Sheila Ford Hamp is the proud new owner of the NFL’s Detroit Lions. Hamp became the owner on Tuesday after her mother and previous owner, 94-year-old Martha Firestone Ford, stepped down.

Additional changes to the positions of power and management of the team include three Vice Chairs, William Clay Ford Jr., Elizabeth Ford Kontulis and Martha Ford Morse. The new Vice Chairs are Martha Firestone Ford’s three other children. The position was previously occupied by new owner, Sheila Ford Hamp.

The Fords will also be bringing back general manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia, according to ESPN.

Hamp not only expressed that she is open to bringing back Colin Kaepernick, she also expressed support for players and coaches that choose to kneel as a peaceful protest if they choose

The Detroit Lions has been in the Ford family since 1961 when Martha’s husband William Clay Ford purchased it for 4.5 million dollars. William passed away in 2014, at which point Martha took over as owner.

It is not a common thing to have a female owner in the NFL, even more uncommon for the owner to pass the reign on to their daughter.

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