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COVID-19 Updates for New York and The Nation

New York City is on track for phase three expected to take place by July 6, at the earliest. The announcement made Thursday by New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio means that nail salons, spas, and tattoo parlors will be able to reopen. Restaurants will also be able to bring back their indoor dining experience, however, they will have a limited occupancy of 50%.

The announcement is accompanied by a Tri-state COVID-19 quarantine agreement reached by New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The agreement indicates that people coming in from states that have a high infection rate must undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine. Although it is unclear where people are required to quarantine.

Although New York and surrounding states are moving forward with the reopening process, some people may be concerned considering that the U.S. broke its national record for the highest number of new COVID-19 cases recorded in one day with 36,000 positive cases recorded on Wednesday June 25, 2020. Approximately two months after its previous record of 34,203 positive COVID-19 cases recorded in one day was set.

Texas, Florida and California are among the states with the highest amount of new cases reported, with over 5,000 new cases each. These states were also among some of the first states to begin their reopening process and are further along in that process than New York.

The Trump administration has ended federal funding for 13 COVID-19 testing centers; however, these centers will still be operating under state jurisdictions. Texas will have seven sites that are affected. Other states that will be affected are Illinois, New Jersey, Colorado and Pennsylvania.

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