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MLB Announces 60-Game 2020 Season

Major League Baseball (MLB) fans can put away their uncertainty because the league announced a 60-game season on Tuesday. The season will begin July 23 or 24.

Training will begin July 1, giving players approximately three weeks to get ready for the season. Players will be tested when they arrive at their training facilities and must be cleared before they can work out. Testing will take place every other day. If a player, coach or staff member test positive they will be quarantined and must test negative for COVID-19 twice before they return.

Temperature checks are expected to take place twice a day as well as antibody testing once a month. It is unclear if any contingency plans will be implemented if players or coaches test positive at some point during the season.

Players will only be paid for approximately 37% of the full season. However each team will only be able to have 60 players each to big league camp and only those players will be eligible to play during the season according to the official MLB press release.

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