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District of Columbia On Track for Statehood

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on the statehood of Washington D.C. later on today.

The odds of statehood being granted are unlikely as many believe the bill will not pass in the Senate. The Senate is currently controlled by Republicans who are believed to vote against the bill that will grant D.C. statehood.

D.C. has approximately 705,000 residents, 45 percent are African American. However, because D.C. is not a state, they do not have representation in the House of the Senate.

If D.C. becomes a state, the U.S. will have a new capital. The new capital, detailed in the House bill, will designate a small portion of downtown D.C. as the new nation’s capital. The area is said to include mostly government buildings.

Despite the belief that statehood will not be granted to D.C. today, it is believed that once the House and Senate seats are held by mostly Democrats D.C. will become the 51st state.

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