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Trump Calls 'Black Lives Matter' Painting In Front Of NYC Trump Tower A "Symbol of Hate

Donald Trump is furious with New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio. De Blasio spoke on MSNBC Wednesday about the plan for the 'Black Lives Matter' painting that will be in NYC. We have seen Black Lives Matter painted throughout the world.

New York City plans to paint the phrase on Fifth Avenue in front of the Trump Tower. Well, Donald Trump decided to let us know how he really feels about the upcoming painting in front of his building. He called 'black lives matter' a “symbol of hate” and said it will spoil the “luxury avenue” where his tower is located.

De Blasio later responded to Trump on Twitter.

This week we can truly say that Trump has shown his true colors per usual. Last weekend he shared a video of one his supporters chanting “White Power”, which he later removed. He also posted the infamous video of two white home owners pointing guns at Black Lives Matter protestors.

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