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Tribal Leader Calls for the Removal of Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The Cheyenne River Sioux tribe is calling for the removal of Mount Rushmore National Memorial located in South Dakota. The memorial, carved in 1920, shows the faces of former presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

“Visitors look upon the faces of those presidents and extoll the virtues that they believe make America the country it is today. Lakota see the faces of the men who lied, cheated and murdered innocent people whose only crime was living on the land they wanted to steal.” Chairman Harold Frazier wrote in a press release.

The tribe argues that the memorial is carved on sacred Native American land, which fuels the feelings Frazier expressed.

Frazier is only the latest in a line of tribal leaders to call for the removal of this memorial since its creation.

President Trump has not formally commented on the situation however, he is scheduled to make an appearance late Friday night in celebration of the Fourth of July, America’s Independence Day.

Trump has also requested fireworks be held over the memorial as he attends an early Independence Day party less than a day before he is set to hold his second “Salute to America” festival in Washington.

Critics of Trump warn of the potential dangers and the spread of COVID-19 that may arise as a result of these gatherings.

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