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Walmart to Turn Parking Lots Into Drive-in Theaters

The superstore Walmart has announced that it will be turning 160 of their parking lots into drive-in movie theaters.

This revamp is a part of their collaboration with Tribeca Enterprises for a drive-in tour that is scheduled to continue through October.

Walmart’s announcement comes as many states put a halt on their reopening as COVID-19 cases across the country continue to spike.

More Details are expected to be released closer to the opening of the drive-in theaters.

Although this announcement is a positive one, some people wonder if it’s damage control for the bad publicity the superstore has received over the last month.

Walmart has made headlines several times in June for selling knock off Lil Baby 4PF chains and a knockoff Kodak Black chain.

Additionally, the superstore stopped selling “All Lives Matter” shirts but kept selling “Blue Lives Matter” shirts – many looked at the selling of these shirts as a slap in the face to the racial revolution that is taking place across the country and the world.

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