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Movie Theater Giants Sue New Jersey Over COVID-19 Closures

New Jersey movie theaters are suing Governor Philip Murphy for their right to reopen. Movie theaters include AMC Entertainment, Cinemark, and Regal Cinemas.

"Plaintiffs support fair and reasonable actions by the government to address that risk. However, the government-mandated total closure of movie theatres is neither fair nor reasonable, and is instead a violation of Plaintiffs' First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and freedom of expression, Equal Protection of the laws, Due Process under the law, and is a Taking of property without just compensation," the lawsuit says according to NPR.

The businesses claim that Governor Murphy and New Jersey Health Commissioner, Judith Persichilli have been making decisions that allow certain places like churches to open, while movie theaters remain closed.

Bow Tie Cinemas, BJK Entertainment, and Community Theaters are also plaintiffs in the suit against the New Jersey Governor and Health commissioner.

As we know many movie theaters are struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic. Do you think its safe enough to open movie theaters though the pandemic is not over?

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