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Ivy League Cancels All Fall Sports

Sport lovers, we have some news that some of you may like and well, some may not.

Although many professional sports are attempting to make sure that their individual seasons go-off without a hitch, the Ivy League collegiate sector has canceled all fall sports competitions.

“With the safety and well-being of students as their highest priority, Ivy League institutions are implementing campus-wide policies including restrictions on student and staff travel, requirements for social distancing, limits on group gatherings, and regulations for visitors to campus. As athletics is expected to operate consistent with campus policies, it will not be possible for Ivy League teams to participate in intercollegiate athletics competition prior to the end of the fall semester.” The Ivy League council of presidents stated on Wednesday.


The Ivy League will be allowing students to practice and train as long as they follow each institution’s and state’s safety regulations.

The council also stated that they will decide on whether or not competitions will be allowed in the spring at a later date.

Students that normally play in the fall will have the option to “pursue competition during a fifth-year” as this fall semester will not count as a season of eligibility for Ivy League or NCAA. In other words, students still have the opportunity to show off their talents outside of their previously anticipated seasons.

The Ivy League is now the first Division I conference to suspend all fall sports.

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