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Michael Cohen is Heading Back To Prison for Refusing To Sign an Agreement He Feels Violated His Firs

President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen is heading back to prison, however, his violation is not what many believe it is.

Cohen is being taken back into federal custody for refusing to sign an agreement that prevents him from speaking to reporters or publishing a book during the rest of his sentence, according to The New York Times. The deal comes after Cohen tweeted about the completion of his book earlier this month.

According to The NYT, the incident that sent Cohen back to prison took place Thursday morning at a Manhattan federal courthouse. Reportedly, Cohen was at the courthouse to complete routine paperwork related to his home confinement.

Many reports previously stated that Cohen was being sent back to prison, approximately two months after his medical furlough, because he violated his home confinement agreement. A picture of Cohen dining at a New York City restaurant surfaced earlier this week.

The NYT reported that in several statements made by the Bureau of Prisons the reason given behind Cohen's return to custody was because he refused to comply with bureau policies and the conditions of home confinement.

Cohen was released in May due to concerns of contracting COVID-19 while in federal prison. Cohen was set to serve the rest of his three-year sentence in home confinement.

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