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UN: BLACK Summer

How many days has it been since Juneteenth again? 21 days to be exact, and we are still not diverting from the message: BLACK LIVES MATTER. With that said, our BLACK DOLLARS MATTER too and there are many BLACK owned businesses in NYC. Generational wealth for African Americans is no longer a thing of the past and Urban News wants to keep you informed about how we can keep our BLACK DOLLARS circulating within our community.

It’s still a Hot Girl and City Boy Summer! Every week, Urban News will be highlighting prominent Black Businesses that you should try.

First on our Black Summer list is "Peaches Hot House" which is a black owned southern style restaurant located in both Bed-Stuy and Fort Greene. Peaches Hot House is known for their delicious fried chicken but they have tons of mouth watering food on the menu. Some of the food choices include spiced braised ribs, cornmeal crusted catfish, and mac and cheese, of course! Also, no Southern plate is complete without a side of warm cornbread.

With all of these delicious choices, my favorite item on the menu is “The Best Chicken Sandwich Anywhere.” Although, everyone lost their marbles over Popeye’s chicken sandwich, I can wholeheartedly say that Peaches Hot House’s chicken sandwich lives up to its name. It is a strong contender as it was perfectly fried, juicy, and the brioche bun was warm and toasty. The sandwich paired with a side of mac and cheese is to die for.

With Phase 3 not including indoor dining, Peaches Hot House has beautiful outdoor seating for customers to enjoy.

For more details about Peaches Hot House, follow them on Instagram @PeachesHotHouse.

Bed Stuy location: 415 Tompkins Ave

Fort Green location: 87 S Elliot Pl

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